Teaching Staff Features


Registration for admission process is simplified by an online registration and tracking facility for sale of the institute prospectus, results for written/ oral tests, fee receipts and conversion of selected candidate's record into admission. It handles the complete life cycle of the student in the institute. It has the ability to generate admit cards and dynamic letters, T/C process, birthday reminders etc. It also holds all other modules related to the students under a single umbrella.


Managing Attendance

Student and staff attendance can be managed using devices such as biometric/ RFID. Attendance data is auto calculated by the software and can be shared easily with students, parents and teachers. Auto alerts are generated for regular absentees, which encourages them to be regular in institute. Subject wise Attendance, Day wise/Repeat attendance, Quick attendance, Daily/Monthly/yearly attendance reports, Cumulative attendance, Percentage attendance, SMS alert to absentees.


Managing Examination

Conducting an examination in any institution is a humongous task. Eduflex ERP has the features of addition/ removal of students, selective subject examinations, invigilation chart, seating plans, exam schedules, online registration, dummy number generation for paper valuation, result publishing etc.. Create different types of exams based on grades, marks Group exams if required Online exams services with automatic marks calculation ­- Objective and descriptive exam types Extensive report center Generate report for required exams Automated, quick and on demand report generation Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view Exam wise report, subject wise report, consolidated report, combined report and reports based on student rankings per class, batch, subject and attendance.


Managing Assignments

This module will help teachers plan lessons well in advance in a systematic way and store their feedback about the lessons to reflect on the lessons. A teacher can easily fetch any detail related to subjects, with just a few clicks. Upload and download notes / assignments for the teachers Online submission of notes / assignments by the students Teacher can download the assignment submitted and can give the comments on the same.


Managing Homeworks

Abridged to Assign & Track for Teachers Assign homework with deadlines, track the completion, send warnings & reminders, set to prioritize, mark a status with active or inactive. Simplified for Parents & Students A great emphasis, parents keep the works of the child updated without much slits. Track, complete & share, send messages & attachments.


Managing ReportCard

Report card generation for CBSE institutions is made easy by following the regulations and automatic updates applicable from the CBSE board. It generates all the required reports (including assessment register, student marks card etc.) with ease from teacher's comprehensive and continuous input of assessments of students.


Library Details

This module keeps track of allotment of books to the students and stock management of books. Browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued Manage library books View/Edit/Delete/Add books Add books with custom tag facility available Filter book using available filters Normal and detail Search for a book available Manage book returns Manage book issue Initial library setting for courses available Issued/Renewed book status Manage books renew


Feedback Details

Feedback management for students and parents is enhanced with the in-built complaint registration system. A powerful as well as well versed feedback form is provided for all kind of activities and service based performance analysis of student & Staff. Authority can make the assessment based on the feedback. Management cans analysis the overall feedback from various departments for better academic performance. This will help to bring best possible efficiency to the intuitions progress there by better overhaul


This module is the core of any activities of 'Live Student's' campus life cycle. Student information consist of a complete information of a student from admission to convocation. We can view personal profile academic/exam performance, fee information, student attendance status, library & medical information, hostel & transport information..'this is a Single Window Interactive Module. Complete profile with photographs, Family and guardian detail, Facility for uploading documents, Daily Attendance, Auto roll number generation, Inbuilt ID card, Custom Well designed reports.


PlanMyLeave offers settings for flexible timings and shifts - this allows companies having flexible working hours to use the system with flexi-start and end timings. Different holiday sets, shift timings and weekly-off schedules can be set at individual, department or location level. Secure and scalable, our cloud based leave management system is easy to set up and use.


This module can generate the time table of an institution from its staff/ resource workloads automatically by the click of a button. Availability of drag and drop features simplifies the process of editing a time table. Class/ course/ teacher/ resource wise time table listings are available. This module also manages substitutions and substitution history. The time tables can be published to the student application.


Create custom report for student and employees Custom name can be given for the custom report Create custom report based on input criteria based on large number of fields available Create the report to display based on the user requirement Arrange the report display as required Displayed custom report can be rearranged in ascending or descending order based on any of the fields available in the displayed report View/Delete custom report facility.



The entire life cycle of your staff can be managed in our application very efficiently. This includes attendance status, staff performance, tracking payroll, leave management, statutory reports, timesheet management and many other daunting tasks. If you want a simple solution for all these problems, staff management module from Eduflex is the answer.


Application Form

The entire life cycle of your staff can be managed in our application very efficiently. This includes attendance status, staff performance, tracking payroll, leave management, statutory reports, timesheet management and many other daunting tasks. If you want a simple solution for all these problems, staff management module from Eduflex is the answer.


Application Form

Complaints are responded to as a matter of priority and are used as a mechanism for improving services to students and parents/carers. Complaints procedures‚Äč are available to all students, parents and members of the public. Parties should attempt to resolve complaints at the point where the problem or issue arose. If a complaint is made about a person, that person has the right to know the details of the complaint and be given the opportunity to make a statement of reply.


Student Report Information

User can predefine the report structure which can show header or school logo or address in footer etc. The report card module allows your school to print your student report cards directly or mail. SmartSchool software includes a number of reports available very easily and printable on any printer. Admin can add, update, delete and maintain all school related data by school administration module. Admin can give particular rights or access permission to particular user for different module in school administration software. With the help of school erp admin maintain the all data, create a various pre structure formats, generate customized reports, add or delete school or trust information etc work will be done easily. If you have more than 1 educational institute you can also manage all the institute data in single software and it is password protected so privacy level is very high.

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