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Financial management is more than keeping accounting records. Financial management involves planning, organising, controlling and monitoring financial resources in order to achieve organisational objectives.

Accounts: to explain and demonstrate to all stakeholders how you have used your resources and what you have achieved.

Integrity: individuals in your organisation must operate with honesty and propriety.


Fees Collections,Calculates

Fees Module of Smart School is an automated module hence it will calculate and manage term fees, balance fees, exam fees, fees concession, additional fees, fine paid fees and pending fees. Helps to create a dynamic fees structure defining the type of fee to be collected for specific course/class and number of instalments. Efficiently manage many details of your past, future and current fee details.


  • It's an automated module hence it will calculate and manage term fees, balance fees, fee concession, additional fees, fine paid fees and pending fees
  • Helps in creating a dynamic structure defining the type of fee to be collected for specific course/class and no: of installments.
  • Efficiently lets you know the details of your past, future and current fee receipts.
  • Automated fees invoice generation and mailing feature.
  • Due date alert.


Reports & Accounts

Payroll module is a fully functional payroll management system is integrated into the software ease the burden on HR department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as laid down by Law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements.

Calculate reports: Keep track of everything related to payrolls,this facility you can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid, TDS, PFs etc.


  • The list of fee defaulter students can be easily calculated and these students can be notified easily.
  • The daily reports of the amount of fee collected can be easily calculated and monitored.
  • Customizable Chart of Accounts
  • Easy Profit and Loss Statement
  • Easy Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • General ledger
  • Easy Petty cash management
  • Easy Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque Printing
  • Discounting and refunding options
  • Auto posting option
  • Tax management
  • Budget Management
  • Asset Management
  • Multi Branch Accounting
  • Multi Currency Feature
  • Multi Journal
  • Contract Management
  • Treasury analysis
  • Automatic invoicing
  • All types of financial Reports


Reports & Accounts

School transport can be undertaken by school students themselves (on foot, bicycle or perhaps horseback; or for older students, by car), they may be accompanied by family members or caregivers, or the transport may be organised collectively, using buses or taxis.


Reports and StudentRecords

It allows you to manage all the neccesary details of the school hostel's.

  • it allows you to manage different students and teachers in hostels and allocate different rooms to different student
  • keep a record of hostel ins and outs and hostel consumabale and durable efficiently .
  • Generate a cuztomized reports for further refernce.


Supplier and daily expenses

Mess Mgmt System handles all the requirements for easy Mess Management. Its better intraction between management,staffs,and students

  • Administrator
  • Daliy Expenses
  • Supplier
  • Kitchen Stock
  • Reports


Advantages of Library System

The librarian can manage all the lbrary item details and keep track on all the books that are issued. Even fine collection also late return on the book.

  • Manage the complete management of the entire library through tha software's easy interface.
  • It remove manual process of issuing books and easy and simplify way of issuing book save time and effort
  • Student can check the availablity status of a particular book online
  • Add,update,reviews library items in online
  • Generate customized report for library items,library inventory and library fine collections


Feedback Details

Canteen Management system is a Canteen based system which stores the records of the employee who is using Canteen for Lunch and dinner, this software maintain the current balance amount of the employee, and his lunch and dinner details.



Activities managemnt allows you to make a list of all the coming up in the school and manage also them.

  • keep a track on the upcoming activities.
  • All the activities get added to the Acedemic Calender.
  • Student can see all the yearly activities through their Student Desk's in the Academic Calender Section


Pricing, Purchase

It allows you completly manage and keep a record of the school inventory

  • manage record of school consumables and durable proficiently
  • Manage the whole inventory of the school with its items and assign different items to different categories.
  • keep record of purchase order management and product inspections.
  • Get stock reports of school and alert for shortage of particular items.
  • keep record of purchase order listing and vendor-supplier listing of the school



user-friendly pharmacy management systems that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and point-of-sale functions. Pharmacy reporting engine for monitoring financial and key performance indicators


Application Form

It allows you to manage the leave of the student,staff members and also allows you sanction request.

  • Staff and Teachers,students can check their number of leave,leave availed and remaining.
  • Staff members can also put a request for a leave to the concerned department head and get approval
  • The Administrator can approve the leave request and send confirmation of the same of the leave applicant
  • The HR Department staffs can make entries based manual leave application by the staff on behalf of the staff and sanction leave in the system


  • Parents can be informed about the doing of their wards in the school through mails
  • Result of students of a particular standard grade,section or stream can be posted in emails to their respective parents
  • Parents can be informed about the absence of their wards in the school through the emails


Exam Schedule,Events,Fees payment

Notice Board Management allows the school authorities to post important notices to online notice board which can be seen by students and staff members on their home screen after login.The school authorities can also post pictures,exam schdules,important notices.such parent-Teachers activities/competitions..etc on the notice Board

  • School staff persons can post notifications to student about exams,fees payment,activities and other important information.
  • The school easily post all types of messages on the notice board.
  • Students and teachers can easily go through the notices through their logins.
  • The authorities can also manually activate/deactivate the notices incase the school wants to remove the notice bearing wrong messages.



Smart School document management module will help whether it’s Study notes, generating grades, homework, issuing bills and other documents educational institutions. Document management and forms processing to help them regain control over their paper-intensive processes. Achieve stronger levels of document control and process security Strengthen disaster-recovery through off site electronic document storage Increase productivity.

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